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AOQIMITENJOY Electric Guitar Beginner Set - Perfect Childrens Guitar and Baby Gift HK-6012A

AOQIMITENJOY Electric Guitar Beginner Set - Perfect Childrens Guitar and Baby Gift HK-6012A

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Welcome to Aoqimitenjoy, where we bring a new musical experience for children. Our 6012A electric guitar is perfect for beginners and makes an ideal gift for children aged 3 and above.


  • 🎵 Multi-Functional Keys: This electric guitar features multiple buttons for demo, rhythm, and sound effects, providing a variety of musical experiences for young learners.
  • 🎨 Colorful Design: Available in vibrant pink and blue colors, this guitar is designed to be visually appealing and engaging for children.
  • 🛡️ Durable Material: Made from high-quality plastic and electronic components, ensuring safety and durability for little hands.
  • 🎤 Interactive Play: The guitar includes a strap for easy carrying and can be connected to a cute microphone, enhancing the interactive play experience.
  • 📚 Educational Benefits: Promotes hand-eye coordination, parent-child interaction, and musical enlightenment, fostering children's artistic taste and interests.
  • 🔋 Battery Operated: Powered by AA batteries, offering long battery life and uninterrupted playtime.

This children's guitar is designed to cultivate artistic interests and provide a fun and educational experience. Get your AOQIMIT Enjoy 6012A Electric Guitar today and start your child's musical journey!

AOQIMIT Enjoy 6012A electric guitar for beginners, ideal childrens guitar and baby gift.
AOQIMIT Enjoy 6012A childrens guitar in vibrant colors, perfect for young learners.Close-up of AOQIMIT Enjoy 6012A electric guitar showcasing its multi-functional keys.AOQIMIT Enjoy 6012A electric guitar highlighting its colorful design and features.AOQIMIT Enjoy 6012A electric guitar demonstrating its interactive play capabilities with a microphone.
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